Best mobile network 2024: The Sri Lanka’s top networks for 4G speeds, big data deals and customer service

Who is the Best mobile network sri lanka. All companies claim they are the best network. But I think the reader can get an understanding of who is really good and what is the specialty of these companies. This report has been compiled independently and a fair reason has been presented here for each company.

Internet access in Sri Lanka is still developing and is still growing in many areas. All networks are providing 4G network throughout the island, but only Dialog and Mobitel are focusing on 5G launch. VoLTE and VoWIFI network facilities are still limited and still need to be developed. About 40% of mobile phone users who still use only 2G network live in Sri Lanka. The demand for 3G network has gone away in recent times and many networks have shut down 3G network and others are shutting them down.

According to OpenSignal reports, even by 2023, Sri Lanka’s internet speed is at a very low level and no network has managed to exceed the 100Mbps limit. Broadband frequencies such as 900MHZ are still used by networks to cover more range with fewer broadcast towers instead of lower range frequencies.

All networks continue to support roaming and provide good value for international calls. Also, all networks are working to provide unlimited packages for long distance calls at a minimum price. There is no MVNO network in Sri Lanka and all networks have their own infrastructure and Network Core.

Sri Lanka has 30.76 million Perpaid and Postpaid mobile Conections and a population of 22 million. Due to the use of dual sim phones, the number of sims has increased over the population. This situation has arisen due to the fact that the telephone number network transfer by BOYP in Sri Lanka has not been launched by 2023.

Even now, there is fierce competition between companies and every company is trying to develop its customer network. All companies are maximizing their coverage and recently testing new technologies like 5G. Let’s see who is the best company.

Best mobile networks: At a glance

Best all-round mobile networkDialogSee All Plans >
Best for performanceAirtelSee All Plans >
Best for customer serviceDialogSee All Plans >
Best for low-costHutchSee All Plans >

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The best mobile networks in 2024

1. Dialog : The most reliable network

Price: From Rs.150 to Rs.10000 a month, SIM-only


Dialog is Sri Lanka’s largest service provider and the most trusted network. Indeed, Dialog is the most reliable and best network in Sri Lanka. They have won ISO 9001 as a company. They can be called the best network in terms of best coverage, island-wide customer service and customer focus. Also, from providing Home Broadband to complete Mobile Broadband, Fixed Telephone, Satalite TV, Enterprise Level Internet etc. services.

During our survey, it was well observed that 8 out of every 10 Sri Lankans use a Dialog Sim or any other Dialog service. By 2023, Dialog has reached the pinnacle of growth and quality service delivery.

Why I call Dialog the most reliable network in Sri Lanka.

  • Their customer service is award winning.
  • An ISO 9001 certified company.
  • Lowest Ping because they have their own Marine Cable network.
  • Island wide network. They have covered the entire island.
  • Every city has a Dialog service center.
  • Minimal downtime and 99% Network Uptime
  • Best guarantee for your phone number.
  • VoLTE with VoWIFI

Weaknesses that Dialog has.

  • The services and packages are very expensive compared to other networks
  • Only TDD based Home Broadband
  • Day and Night Data
  • Poor Selfcare app
Avg Speed 4G75 Mbps
Customer supportVery Good
Home BroadbandAvilabale
Mobile BroadbandAvilabale
Subscribers17 Milion
Sim Card PriceFree
Price RangeHigh

If you want fast customer service and good quality service. Dialog is the best network for you but keep in mind that their services are expensive. Based on the issues, Dialog can named as the Best mobile network sri lanka.

2. Hutch – Most Affrodable Network

Price: From Rs.62 to Rs.6000 a month, SIM-only


Hutch has achieved the fastest growth by the year 2023 and they have been rooted in Sri Lanka’s communication industry for 25 years. What I appreciate most about them is that they provide unlimited internet services at low prices. Also, providing a wide range of packages and offers has led to the daily increase in their customers. By the end of 2023, they will introduce Home broadband services through O-RAN technology. 2023 Hutch has become the fastest growing network.

We have well seen that Hutch experienced rapid growth after the acquisition of Etisalat. But it has to be said that they do not pay much attention to the quality of service compared to other networks. To reduce costs they have stopped services like MMS and really the only positive thing we can say with Hutch is the low prices compared to other networks. The maximum speed of their network is as low as 25Mbps.

Why I recommend Hutch to you.

  • An ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company.
  • Offering a wide range of packages.
  • Lower tariff compared to other networks.
  • Island wide 4G coverage
  • Unlimited internet connections with Cliq.
  • Ability to safely order SIM online.
  • Quality self-care app
  • Lowest roaming charges

Weaknesses that Hutch has.

  • Slow customer service.
  • Not all cities have service center.
  • Unavilable Fixed Lines
  • NO VoLTE
Avg Speed 4G15 Mbps
Customer support Good
Home BroadbandTesting
Mobile BroadbandAvilabale
Subscribers5 Milion  
Price RangeAfrodable
Sim Card PriceFree

If you are looking for a reliable service at an affordable price, I recommend you to buy a Hutch connection.

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3. Sltmobitel – Wide Network

Price: From Rs.150 to Rs.10000 a month, SIM-only


Sltmobitel is the national telephone company of Sri Lanka and because they have a good internet cable system, they are the company that provides the fastest and most stable service and Broadband services with Fiber, ADSL and all communication services. They have the widest coverage and currently have the honor of providing the fastest internet connection.

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Sltmobitel as the provider of the nation’s communication needs and as a State owned Company fulfills a great mission to the customers. But the quality of their network is decreasing compared to the previous years and they are less oriented to the new trends of the market. However, 40Mbps speed and good Ping value is not wrong in their infrastructure.

Why I recommend sltmobitel to you.

  • Fixed connections are available with ADSL, Fibre, Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband.
  • It has a very good backbone.
  • Every city has a SLT service center.
  • Island wide 4G coverage
  • Home Broadband with TDD

Weaknesses that Mobitel has.

  • Slow customer service.
  • Service charges are expensive.
  • Day and Night Data
Avg Speed 4G40 Mbps
Customer supportgood
Home BroadbandAvilabale
Mobile BroadbandAvilabale
Subscribers7 Milion
Price RangeHigh
Sim Card PriceFree

4. Airtel – Fast Network

Price: From Rs.99 to Rs.6225 a month, SIM-only


Airtel is a company that has been operating in Sri Lanka since 2009 and they provide their customers with Mobile Broadband phone call services. Airtel’s main problem is lack of coverage across the island.

Airtel has made a clear difference in its business over the past few years and they have introduced many internet packages. They worked to Shutdown the 3G network and create a complete 4G network. Their 4G network provides a speed of 45Mbps and sometimes the network provides more than that value. Airtel and Dialog are preparing to use the same network coverage after Airtel and Dialog become partner companies.

Why I recommend Airtel to you.

  • Cheap Unlimited Call Packs
  • Fast Network Speed
  • Your unused data will roll over to the next month
  • Best Combo Packs
  • HD Youtube all Time
  • Best Network SLA
  • VoLTE

Weaknesses that Airtel Have.

  • Low 4G Coverage
  • Fewer packages to choose from
  • Not all cities have service center.
  • Unavilable Fixed Lines
Avg Speed 4G45 Mbps
Customer support good
Home BroadbandUnavilable
Mobile BroadbandAvilabale
Subscribers3.7 Milion  
Sim card PriceFree
Price RangeAfrodable

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In the year 2023, Dialog can be introduced as the fastest and best internet service provider in Sri Lanka and Hutch can be introduced as the cheapest internet service provider. The information for this article is taken from company websites and this data may change at any time. Comment your thoughts about your internet provider below.

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