How to Activate Dialog VoLTE with HD Voice Calls

All Dialog customers can now Activate Dialog VoLTE if their smartphone works with 4G/5G. Dialog is the first Sri Lankan company to launch Volte for all devices. Also, Sri Lanka’s largest network with wide 4G coverage.

What are the benefits of this Volte network?

  • Availability of HD phone calls. This way you can get clearer calls.
  • When Mobile Data is On in your phone, you can make calls without disconnecting it.
  • Phone call connection times are very fast.
  • VoWIFI service is also available with this.

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How to Activate Dialog VoLTE ?

For this you need a 4G phone and a 4G SIM and if you don’t already have a 4G SIM, you can upgrade it from Dialog.

Type ACT 4GV and send to 678

You can use this Volte service without any additional charges.

Activate Dialog VoLTE

However, sometimes when there is no quality 4G coverage, you may be prevented from making clean calls by Volte, and in such cases, you can use the EDGE network for calls.

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