Complete MCC MNC Signal Codes Sri Lanka

In this article, you’ll get the list of all the MCC MNC Signal Codes Sri Lanka, which incorporates Mobile Country Codes (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). MCC codes are employed in wireless phone networks to spot a mobile operator and therefore, the country within which mobile subscriber belongs. To unambiguously determine mobile subscriber network, the MCC combined with Mobile Network Code (MNC).

As the CK Hutch and Etisalat  Sri Lanka currently united to a replacement entity is known as HUTCH, we’ve got updated the list with the most recent details currently. The MCC and MNC codes for Etisalat is currently underneath Hutch as Hutch And Etisat Migrated the corporate. Before trying into the main points, you would like to know that the MCC and MNC codes don’t seem to be the mobile country codes that wont to determine any mobile range. The MCC MNC Signal Codes For Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka permits you to simply determine networks in your phone’s network searches. MCC MNC Signal Codes Sri Lanka

MCC MNC Signal Codes Sri Lanka

Network (FDD)MCC-MNC
SLTMobitel Mobile413-01
Dlalog Mobile413-02
Bell 4G413-04
Airtel Lanka413-05
Network (TDD)
Dialog Broadband 413-11
SLTMobitel Broadband413-12
Bell 4G 413-13

All these frequencies are regulated and regulated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) under the Government. Institutions can obtain these frequencies from them by paying the relevant taxes on supply and demand.

Mobile Phone Network Identify

You can easily identify the network by the code at the beginning of the phone number.

  • +9470 – Slt-mobitel
  • +9471- Slt-mobitel
  • +9472 – Hutch
  • +9474- Dialog
  • +9475- Airtel
  • +9476 – Dialog
  • +9477 – Dialog
  • +9478 – Hutch

Fixed Phone Network Identify

The identity of landline networks can be identified by its third number.

  • +94xx0 – Lanka Bell
  • +94xx2 – SLT- Mobitel
  • +94xx3 – SLT- Mobitel
  • +94xx4 – Dialog
  • +94xx5 – Lanka Bell
  • +94xx7 – Dialog
  • +94xx9 – Tritel

How do I find network coverage in my area?

It’s simple process. First go to your mobile phone’s network settings and then go to the Manual Surge Network and wait for while. The table above identifies the identity of the network.

Why Need MNC

It’s not fun. All the identification identities on the network are done by these codes. They are required for all services such as calls, IDDs, internet connections, etc. One can explores this further by looking further. It’s big process. Every country and a service provider have unique codes. They vary by a region and an institutional need and a generation. MNC codes are not required for wired communications.


FDD performs uplinks and down links between the phones tower and the device at the same time. That is, the device can does both at once. TDD switches a downlink and an uplink between a device and a tower. This technology is widely used in router devices (Home Broadband). You can see how 3 TDD bands have been used in Sri Lanka. These are signals that are spread over small range.

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