This is how the Airtel And Dialog merger happens

Your favorite Airtel brand continues.

The announcement of the merger of services between Airtel Sri Lanka and Dialog Axiata (PVT) Ltd was announced to the Colombo Stock Exchange last May 2023 with the signature of Mr. Supun Weerashighe, CEO of Dialog Axiata. Accordingly the Airtel Lanka brand which was 100% owned by Bharathi Enterprise India. Later, it was reported that Dialog Axiata, which is owned by the Malaysian government, has been sold to a private company, but it is being operated as a joint venture with institutions.

However, after this incident, Sri Lanka Telecom protested the transaction and filed lawsuits against these companies, alleging that they were against creating a market monopoly by giving Airtel’s frequencies to Axiata.

However, it is reported that the case has been withdrawn. Recently, TRCSL had given the approval to merge the operations of Airtel and Dialog. Accordingly, you can get a simple understanding of AIrtel and Dialog’s future technical profile from the following diagrams.

dialog and airtel merge
Before Merge
dialog and airtel merge
After Merge

Beneficent For Users

Instead of the commercial changes caused by this deal, let’s talk about the benefits to the users. Airtel’s Specturm operates in the same way, Airtel and Dialog work on the same backbone. Because Airtel can be distributed from Dialog’s base stations, Airtel customers can technically experience better coverage than the previous coverage. Also, since Dialog owns Airtel’s Core Network as well as efficient service centers across the country, Dialog customers will be able to experience faster internet speeds than before.

The merger of Airtel and Dialog will be technically complete by the end of this year.

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