Dialog broadband received TRC approval for New FTTH Postpaid plans.

Dialog FFTH services were provided only to the business sector for some time. The permission to provide these types of houses has not been received so far. In this case, TRCSL has issued a notification the other day, giving permission to Dialog Broadband Service to provide this service and limiting the standard fees. Postpaid users can use this Dialog Fiber service and the connection fee is 12000.00.

Dialog Fibre

Dialog Fiber have been rolled out across the country so far and they are using their strong power to distribute cables between telephone towers. Dialog uses Fiber network. In addition, they are the largest wireless internet provider in Sri Lanka and distribute 4G network throughout the island.

Although they have not yet officially announced Dialog Fiber cables. The recommendation will not be made available to its users. Dialog Fiber and IPTV services are also provided for apartments around Colombo. This link can be found on the website.

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