Airtel continues in Sri Lanka, with existing packages

After Bharti Airtel announced its merger with Dialog Axiata, there were reports that Airtel has exited Sri Lanka and sold the company’s assets to Axiata. But what has happened is that the two networks are running business as a joint venture.

Recently, in a letter sent by Dialog Axiata to the CSE, it has been mentioned that with the Combine of the Airtel Lanka , the upcoming Dialog Axiata share issue will come with a new symbol and will merge the operations of both the networks. But it was never mentioned that the networks would be merged Single Brand.

What is really happening to Airtel lanka?

Airtel is a reputed company that has been continuously providing quality packages and telecommunication services since 2009. The pioneer of the unlimited package concept in Sri Lanka. Airtel has crossed 2 million customers and has a fast 4G network and a 5G ready network. However, the weaknesses of the coverage seem weak compared to other competitors. Weaknesses in coverage led to fewer customers and the weakness of the economy affected every business.

Dialog is the country’s largest telecommunication provider with over 17 million customers and nationwide coverage. But due to the last economic crisis, they also suffered a significant setback.

It is believed that this combination will enable Dialog and Airtel to successfully face this economic crisis. However, the Airtel lanka and Dialog Axiata brands working together will improve the coverage and capacities of both networks and mitigate Airtel’s coverage issues. This will be economically beneficial for both networks as a business.

Airtel said that the merger of Dialog and Airtel will not change anything, including the packages currently offered to customers, and Airtel customers will have a better experience than the current situation. They state that Airtel will remain in Sri Lanka as before.

However, technically, they claim that both parties are testing Parth to integrate Airtel and Dialog networks for consumers.

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