How to get starpoints in dialog

Dialog Starpoints is a rewards program for those who use Dialog services and you can get Starpoints for every bill and reload and you can use them for reloads as well as offers and donations. You can get many advantages and disadvantages by knowing about Starpoint correctly.

How to Reedom Starpoints

First of all, you can know the current amount of Starpoints on your phone by dialing #141# and by subtracting 100 from the total amount of Points, you can know the maximum amount of Points you can get.( If you have 150 Starpoints, You Can Use 50 Points Only)

STAR (space) PAY (space ) STAR POINTS balance and send SMS it to 141 to get the currently available points as a reload to your phone.

Apart from this, Starpoints are also available for applications like Mydialog and Genie. You can use your Points to make payments to supermarkets and donate to charities if needed. It is also possible to use these Starpoints for the offers provided by Dialog for devices.

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