Best Sinhala Keyboard apps For Android and IOS

Sinhala Typing on Android and IOS phones has become a challenge and a specially designed mobile phone application must be installed on your phone. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we have seen various companies selling poor Sinhala typing apps and basic word typing, putting personal data at risk. Recently, a number of apps have come in the market with strong performance and productivity and we have recently tested some of the best Sinhala typing apps and we are bringing you some apps that have a strong performance and can easily type Sinhala.

1.Dream Keyboard

Dream Keyboard is an app launched in 2020 and designed for light and efficient Singlish typing. There is no doubt that it is the Best Sinhala Keyboard. They provide all typing and customization facilities for free and Dream Keyboard is the best Sinhala Keyboard.

2.‌Flash Keyboard

It is a Sinhala keyboard aimed at UI and Privacy and more than a million users are using the Flash keyboard. This app has managed to provide users with a large collection of themes and a Free and Pro version.

3.‌Swift Keyboard

With the Swift Keyboard created by Microsoft, you can do Sinhala typing for Android and IOS and it supports many Sinhala Layouts. This is a recommended keyboard for typing on iOS.

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3.‌ Gboard

Google’s Gboard now supports Sinhala language and you can easily type Sinhala on your phone and a keyboard application with a good finish and you can type Sinhala with confidence.

There are a lot of good keyboard apps available in the market and you can easily choose one. You can get a better experience by using these apps away from apps like Helakuru.

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