Sinhala Fonts Pack Free Download

This web page of ours allows you to download all Sinhala Fonts Pack Free Download and now you can download a large number of the most popular Sinhala Fonts below.Our ‌Font download method is secure and easy to use, covering all Font files with ZIP files and enabling you to download faster. All new Fonts files we add will be updated to our collection daily.

Sinhala Fonts Pack Free Download

Sinhala fonts is available to everyday designers such as typing, graphic design, logo design. You can use This collection for Sinhala Fonts Online as well as for Windows, Linux and Mac. We provide two secure download servers for your convenience and you can choose the convenient one. One click is all you need to download.

Sinhala Font Download Free 2500 + Fonts Pack

Good For Fresh Windows Installs

In the first unit below we have provided a collection of various Sinhala fancy designs Sinhala Fonts and commonly used Sinhala Fonts. Click on the link below to download it.

Download FM and DL Sinhala Fonts Free Pack

Below are some of the popular FM and DL fonts commonly used for Sinhala typing. Below are some of the FM Fonts provided by this.


ISI Font Pack Download

Isi , araliya, Apex and More

Nato Sans Sinhala Font Pack Download

noto sans sinhala

Iskoola Potha Sinhala Unicode Font Free Download

So you can download Zip by clicking one of the two buttons. You can Download it fast and Clean.

You can use our Unicode translator and Sinhala typing facility to translate the fonts provided by us above into Unicode correctly. It’s modern and fast.

Use Free Sinhala Font Converters

How to install sinhala fonts for windows 

Below we show you how to install Sinhala Fonts on commonly used Windows. First you have to download the file from the top of our website. Then open it with Winrar or some other software. Then our Fonts will appear in that file.

Sinhala Fonts Pack Free Download

You can then open the TTF file of the font in Windows Font Wiwer and install the font on your computer by clicking install on it. They work well with any software.


Who creates Sinhala Fonts?

There are many font designers and Mr. Pushpananda Ekanayake is the pioneer of Sinhala font design. Many popular Sinhala Fonts were created by him.

Are these suitable for commercial use?

No. You can use them for free and some fonts can be used for free. However, it is ethical to use with permission from Creater

Some fonts don’t work.

You will need a translator for some fonts. We have provided a link to a qualitative translation of the article.

Sinhala Fonts Download

None of the above fonts are owned by our website and are the property of the original owners and the company has the honor of creating them. We are constantly trying to update you on the latest fonts and please comment below on any issues that may arise while using our Services.

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