Visible call forwarding Step by Step Guide

Visible call forwarding, Visibale offers convenient Wirless communication plans to customers and provides convenient non-stop calling services for Mobile Voice and Data. All users can get these services so that they can get the phone along with the sim card. Doing business using Visibale should be able to divert your customers’ calls and redirect your incoming calls to multiple phone numbers. Also, when your phone is broken, you will have to divert calls to another number.

Let’s see how to forward calls to Visible allows you to forward these calls to any phone number in the United States, including Visible numbers.

How to Activate visible call forwarding

You can easily call forwarding your Visibale number to another number using USSD codes or the App.

*71 (the number you want to forward to)Forward all calls
*71 (the number you want to forward to)Forward When Busy

How to De-Activate visible call forwarding

You can cancel this service at any time.

*73Stop all Diverts

Using the above method you can easily forward your phone calls to another local number. Standard fees are charged for this.


Apart from this, you can perform Call Divert and other services through the Selfcare service for Visibale and we have provided the easiest way for you to do so. We have also provided other call forwarding facility in USA and you can know detailed details about those services.

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