Etisalat unlimited data for 1 day prepaid

If you are looking for a Etisalat unlimited data for 1 day for Etisalat, we recommend some of the best solutions for it. Although Etisalat does not currently provide a direct solution for Unlimited Data. there are several ways you can use Unlimited Data on a daily basis as an Etisalat prepaid customer.

Emirati Freedom plans

With Emirati Freedom you can get unlimited calls and data facility. They can be used unlimitedly. But for this the speed limit is imposed from 3Mbps. But it is limited speed for internet browsing. This package is Hedama Unlimited Data package that can be used on Etisalat prepaid.

Wasel Prepaid Line Pay as GO

With Wasel Prepaid, you can get a Pay as GO solution . use unlimited data and there are many data packages to choose from according to your data usage.

A new Wasel connection can delivered to you and you can also get a free SIM card. Generally, a person uses 1GB of data per day and the requirement of unlimited data is not true and depending on the internet usage of your phone. you can get an idea of the scale of data you need per day.

Everyday Data Packs ‌For Etisalat unlimited data for 1 day 

Etisalat Everyday Data Packs provide you with various Data Packs to use on a daily basis. They can purchased in sizes ranging from 75MB to 1GB for AED 30.


As a person’s AVG data usage usually does not exceed 1GB. we recommend you the 1GB package for AED 30 here.

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Final words

If you are looking for Unlimited Data packages for your daily heavy use, we recommend Home WIFI. You can get customizable data packages from Virgin and Etisalat Wasel Unlimited data is the best solution.

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