TRCSL Approved packages for SLT Prepaid Home Broadband.

Sltmobitel previously provided only postpaid connections for SLT Prepaid Home Broadband and recently TRCSL has issued approvals for packages for prepaid connections as well. You will be able to purchase sltmobitel Prepaid Home broadband connections soon. Also, if you are currently using postpaid, you have the opportunity to convert to prepaid through this.

A new conection has been approved for sale for 6500.00. The processing fee is 500.00. Packages and add-ons are also available for these connections.

After the launch of these packages you will be able to get your connection at home from sales outlet or Online. It is assumed that the ZLT S10 will be used as the CPE unit. However, SLT already uses a variety of CPE models depending on the need.

As soon as SLT Prepaid Home Broadband is launched we are ready to update you with complete package details.

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