DU Balance Transfer: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the du balance transfer service, you can easily transfer balance to your friend’s or family member’s phone number or your other phone number. This service can only done between two Du-Du numbers and the minimum amount can transferred from 2AED to 200 AED. The service is subject to a limit of 500AED per month.

How To du balance transfer

Accroding to Best info, There are several ways to use this service. You can easily access these services through an app or by dialing USSD codes. For this use *121# or *121*recipient number*amount#. You can do this task more transparently by writing and settling with their Android and iOS applications.

How To du balance transfer

Dialing this code along with the required information on your phone’s dial pad is the best way to transfer balance.

*121*recipient number*amount#

By using this method, the credit will received on the recipient’s phone number in a few seconds.It takes a few minutes depending on how busy the system is. However, if it does not work as expected, contact customer service support.

Why Transfer Credit?

Depending on your needs or someone else’s needs, you may need a balance transfer to someone else’s phone. These codes and tricks will help you send money from your phone to your friends or family. when their phone balance is low.

After transferring the balance using this service, the recipient has the ability to use the credit amount for calls and data. The expiry date is determined by the amount of the balance being sent. 1AED is charged as fee on every transfer. No registration is required for this service.

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