New Sltmobitel Home Broadband Prepaid Plans details

In a previous news feature, we reported to you that Sltmobitel Home Broadband Prepaid is offering prepaid connections for the first time. Accordingly, Slt has started providing their prepaid HBB services. They have given the basic package list. You can get a new connection for 5900.00 and a CAT4 router is provided. An additional fee of 100LKR is charged to confirm a new connection.

Main Packages

They have provided a collection of Slt packages that can only be guaranteed once and we think that this collection of packages will be even bigger in the future. However, you can currently purchase these connections. You can avail these packages multiple times as per your requirement.

5 GB07155
10 GB14295
20 GB30535

If you need additional packages, you can apply for postpaid. Also those who are already in postpaid can switch to prepaid.

Data Addons

In addition to the basic packages, some add-ons are introduced to you and you can use these packages along with the basic packages as per the requirement.

NameDataDaysPrice ( LKR)
Work and Learn30GB 30235
Youtube & Social Media25 GB30390
Anytime Addon 5GB 5 GB07249
Anytime Addon 5GB 5 GB30298
Anytime Addon 10 GB10 GB07460
Anytime Addon 10GB10 GB30570

You can get detailed information about these add-ons from the dealer when you buy the router.

How To Activate Sltmobitel Home Broadband Prepaid Plans Packs

You can Activate these packages like other Sltmobitel connections through the Myslt application, web or by reloading the relevant amount to the connection number at once. Reloading can be done online or from a sales representative or by considering super market.

The launch of Prepaid HBB by Sltmobitel is currently only for Wireless routers and DSL and Fiber packages are further provided as postpaid. Prices and capacity of these packages are subject to change by SLT upon prior notice.

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