Effortless Ways to Check Dialog Data Balance: A Complete Guide

There are several ways to check Dialog data balance and now you can use the Web Protocol through Mydialog App or DialogID and by registering for that service, you can easily view the balance and package usage of Mobile, TV, HBB, Fixed services in real time. Also, for those who are facing the weaknesses of Selfcare services, they can still easily know the details of the account through SMS, USSD and Voice. Use the following remedies for that.

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Check data balance Without Any app or Website

You can access these services by dialpad and SMS on your phone.

Check Dialog balance Via VoiceDial 456
Check Dialog data balance Via SMSDial #456#
Check Dialog data Usage Via SMS Type ‘MyUse’ and send an SMS to 678 
Check Dialog HBB data Usage Via SMSBB usage Your Brodband number to send 678 / 0777678678
Check Dialog HBB data Usage Via USSD Type # 678 * 7 * Your Brodband number * 1 * 2 #
Check DialogTV balance Bill[space]Account number and send to 679 / 0770679679
How to find my phone number #132#

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Apart from this, these services can also be availed through Webchat, Whatsapp and by calling 1777. We recommend you to use Selfcare app for a better quality experience.If your account details are not showing correctly you can contact customer service support. Also, for your convenience, Ebill services have also been introduced from Dialog and you can register for that as well.

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