Dialog Gaming Data Budget Packages For HBB

Dialog has received approval from TRC to introduce a range of data packages exclusively for gaming to Dialog Gaming Data Home BroadBand Prepaid and Postpaid customers. Each of these packages is available in Gaming Data and Anytime Data sizes valid for 30 days and can be used at any time of the day. Can take.

Dialog Gaming Data

  • Rs.490 – 14GB (Gaming Data)
  • 6GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.990 – 34GB (Gaming Data)
  • 11GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.1390 – 50GB (Gaming Data)
  • 15GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.2990 – 115GB (Gaming Data)
  • 25GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.3990 – 160GB (Gaming Data)
  • 30GB (Anytime Data)

Base Packs

  • Rs.1590 – 55GB (Gaming Data)
  • 15GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.2490 – 90GB (Gaming Data)
  • 25GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.3890 – 150GB (Gaming Data)
  • 45GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.5190 – 220GB (Gaming Data)
  • 65GB (Anytime Data)
  • Rs.6490 – 300GB (Gaming Data)
  • 80GB (Anytime Data)

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