Airtel 769 Combo Pack, Activation Guide And Review

If someone needs a Unlimited package to use phone calls and basic social networks, Airtel has provided the best solution for that. Instead of using a separate package for calls and a separate package for social networks, the Airtel 749 package allows you to do everything in one package.

Why you need Activate Airtel 769

Airtel is calling the 769 package as an extension of the 469 package . Both the packages offer Unlimited Calls as well as Unlimited Data for selected social media networks. The package offers you unlimited calls to any network and 30GB of data and Unlimited social networking. (Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube) and Airtel To Airtel SMS 1000 and other networks with 50 daily SMS for 30 days.

A to O CallUnlimited
A to A CallUnlimited
SMS A to A1000
SMS A to O50
Any time Data1GB / Perday
Facebook Unlimited

How To Activate Airtel 769 Pack

Validation of this package is easy and for that you can reload Rs.749.00 online or through a dealer. Alternatively, this package can be easily secured by registering for Myairtel Selfcare service. This package can be confirmed using the current balance in your account by dialing the USSD code *749#.


This package is suitable for someone who wants access to basic social networks with unlimited calls. But we recommend you the 888 package which adds more facilities to these facilities instead of this package. This package is not valid for some Airtel connections and they have to buy 888 instead of this package. However, Airtel offers several packages to the users and you can choose them according to your needs.

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