Airtel loan code & credit transfer code Sri Lanka

This article brings you the airtel loan code and Airtel loan fees required by all Airtel customers. We have seen many people searching the internet for Airtel loans. So we decided to write about this in detail. You can view all Airtel USSD codes on our website. Airtel can get a loan for every prepaid sim and get it as Credit or Data. This facility will be very important for you in case of emergency.

How to get loan in airtel

If you have taken a loan before, it is essential to have settled the amount first. You can get only Rs.30.00 Credit at a time. For this you can dial *345# or use MyAirtel app. You can get this loan instantly.

Airtel loan code Sri Lanka

In order to get an Airtel loan you do not have to have taken a loan before and this is subject to the government tax amount. This is a one time only and top
You can pay again after recharge.

Airtel data loan and Credit

You can get a loan airtel loan code use Rs. 30 and a 50MB,200MB and 500MB instant loan by using this loan Code. That amount will be deducted from your next recharge.

Airtel credit transfer code

Airtel also provides the facility of sharing money between two Airtel numbers to all prepaid customers. *235*Amount*Recipient’s 10 Digit Mobile Number# This money transfer facility can be easily availed by using this code or through Airtel app. You have the ability to secure any package with the exchanged currency.

Airtel credit transfer code

Final Words About airtel loan code and Credit Share

Airtel Loan Number can easily get you an instant loan or data package. If you can’t get a high value package, you can try some of the cheaper plans offered by Airtel. Borrowing costs tax etc. and by using only reloads as much as possible you can keep your Airtel prepaid account active.

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