How To Share Slt-Mobitel credit

How To Share Slt-Mobitel Credit To Other Mobitel Number : Mobitel is one of the largest telephone service providers in Sri Lanka, offering credit sharing between these Mobitel To Mobitel numbers as one of their services. This facility allows you to easily transfer credit to your friends’ Slt-Mobitel numbers.This is a guide for that facility.

Share Slt-Mobitel credit | Requirements

  • Must be a sender and receipt prepaid.
  • There should be enough money in the sender’s account.

See Slt-Mobitel USSD Codes >

How To Share Slt-Mobitel credit

Dial *448* Reciver Phone Number * Amount*

This way you can send money and your remittance is valid for up to 30 days and charges a lump sum of 3 LKR for each remittance.

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