About Hutch Home Broadband

It is reported that Hutch is currently preparing to launch Hutch Home Broadband internet service. So between Slt and Dialog, this network becomes the third largest telephone company in Sri Lanka. Let’s see what the Hutch Home Broadband service looks like.

Hutch Home Broadband router | Price & Technology

The company reports that the price of a Hutch Home Broadband router will range from 1,999 LKR – 4900 LKR. You can buy this ZLT S10 router as perpaid.

The company hopes to use open-run  (Open Radio Access Network) technology for data communication, which will enable them to gain comprehensive coverage at a lower cost. They also communicate data in both FDD and TDD formats and provide FDD technology for this.

Hutch Home Broadband Speed

Depending on the package the data communication speed will vary and their approximate speed will be 20Mbps.

Hutch Home Broadband Packages

Monthly RentalTotal Anytime (GB)
2999.0060 GB ( FUP)
3999.00100 GB ( FUP)
5999.00150 GB ( FUP)
7999.00220 GB ( FUP)
9999.00300 GB ( FUP)
These packages often vary in price and details. These were last published by Hutch in 2022/04.

Hutch will soon be offering its HBB services to its users.

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