Unlimited Access to WhatsApp & Facebook, Dialog 133 Package

Facebook and Whatsapp are the most used social network in the world and Sri Lanka is also the most used social network. All users need unlimited access to these messaging apps and many users need Unlimited packages because they do business etc. on these social networks. Recognizing this need well, Dialog offers a packages of Unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube for 7 days at a price of 129.

Why You Need Dialog’s 133 Package

If you use Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube apps on your phone daily, this package will give you non-stop access to those services. It allows you to freely explore social networks without worrying about running out of data.

How To Activate Dialog 133 Package For 7 Days

You can use the #678# Selfcare app or Mydialog Web and reload as usual to Activate this package. Dialog Self activation facility is now available so you can Activate your package more quickly.

Remember to have sufficient balance or credit on your mobile account to activate the package successfully. In case of any issues, you can contact Dialog’s customer support for assistance.

Are you looking for a 30 day package For Unlimited Access to WhatsApp & Facebook ?

We found that a 30-day package is more economical and convenient for you than a 7-day package. Our website contains details about 30 day packages. We recommend you two alternative packages for this.

In addition to these packages, Dialog also releases an 899 package, but if you are looking for an unlimited social network package for a month, we recommend the 139 package.

Making the Most of the Dialog 139 Package

With the Dialog 129 package, you get the benefits and terms Dialog offers.

  • This package is valid for 30 days.
  • Only Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp can be used Nonstop.
  • Video can be viewed only in 360p quality.
  • All postpaid and prepaid customers can use this package.

The conditions presented for other Fun blaster packages are directly valid for this package.


This package is the cheapest package in the Fun blaster Unlimited category and you can easily complete your needs by upgrading to other packages. Dialog is now offering a package for TikTok as well. This 7 days package will fulfill your Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube requirement and we hope that this package will be convenient in your daily life.

Old Price on Last Revisions This Packege

  • Dialog 107
  • Dialog 105
  • Dialog 138

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