Dialog TikTok / instagram 305 Package Activation Guide & Review

With the evolution of social networking applications, there has now been the advent of new generation social networks like TikTok, and TikTok and Instagram have become applications used by many people on a daily basis. TikTok has also grown in Sri Lanka. Recognizing the need, Dialog has introduced a Funblaster package for TikTok and Instagram.

Why You Need Dialog’s TikTok Package

If you regularly use TikTok and Instagram, you have to spend more data and you have to bear a significant cost for data. As a solution to this, you can use this package and you will get 15GB data for TikTok. This package is valid for 30 days and supports 4G technology. If you are a TikTok and Instagram user using Dialog, this package is the best solution for that.

How To Activate Dialog TikTok and Instagram Package

This package is a package of Fun Blaster category and earlier we have provided you information about packages of that category. There are several ways to secure this package. Reloading this package Price at the same time as Mydialog App, #678# is the common way to Subscribe this package. But our site always provides the easiest advice for you.

Dialog has provided an online system to validate this package and packages can be verified easily through this modern system. By clicking this button you can Activate within three seconds.

The package can Activate by entering your phone number exactly as shown here.

Dialog TikTok Package

Remember to have sufficient balance or credit on your mobile account to activate the package successfully. In case of any issues, you can contact Dialog’s customer support for assistance.

Making the Most of the Dialog TikTok Package

After you approve this package, you will be able to use the following facilities and restrictions.

  • This package is valid for 30 days.
  • The package is not Unlimited and is a 15GB package.
  • This package only supports 360P SD quality.
  • This package only supports TikTok/Instagram.
  • Automatic renewals are not possible.
  • You can redeem this package multiple times in a month.

Managing and Monitoring Your Data Usage

This package can be combined with other packages and the usage can be known realtime through MyDialog Mobile or Web accounts. Otherwise, by sending an SMS to 678 as MYUSE, you can know your data amount in a few minutes.


This package will be a good solution for most users of TikTok. Dialog has not introduced Unlimited TikTok packages yet and if you want to use it Unlimited you can buy Time Based or Unlimited Mobile Data package. This package has been presented after analyzing the 15GB scale as the data scale used for TikTok per month by an equivalent person. This package will be a good solution for a good Buffer Free Dialog TikTok experience.

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