Slt-Mobitel USSD Codes

The latestupdate for all Slt-Mobitel USSD . Sltmobitel, Sri Lankan As the national Telephone Provider. It is not only provider of the Internet and telephone facilities but also great communications facility. Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) and Mobitel Ltd are a government telephone service providers, both operating under the same brand name from January 2021.

The National Telephone Service Provider currently has over 14 million customers. Large scale companies also use SLT services on large scale. They have issued large number of USSD codes to their clients as they offer large number of services such as a telephone, internet, fixed, a fiber. It’s hard to remembers what code or a number you really need. Now that services like Slt-Mobitel 5G are being introduced, this list of codes will be even bigger in the future. With the expansion of the Slt-Mobitel network, some services have changed, including the website and applications, but the user should not get lost. list of all USSD code short codes is provided with this. We hope you have the number you needed here.

Slt-Mobitel USSD


Here are some ussd codes that every day Mobitel users may need. These codes provide the usual reloads required for using the mobile phone service.

*100#Pre – Paid Account Balance
#132#Owner ID
#247# Smart Loan
#888# Self Help
#170#Buy Data packages
#222# GPRS & MMS Settings

SLT-MOBITEL Dial Codes / SMS Codes

Below are the call numbers required for calling services required while using Mobitel services. These numbers provide free services.

141Balance Check

SLT-MOBITEL Fixed Dial Codes

Fixed Users Voice Calling an information About Phone Services These phone numbers provide information on various entertainment services and accounts details. USSD does not normally support Slt-Mobitel Fixed, so these call codes are very helpful to users.

1222CDMA Prepaid Service
1212Customer Service
1298Dial To Win
1296Kids Protal
1214Sisu Connect
1365SLT Ticketing
1292Check Current Time Sinhala
1294Check Current Time English
1299Womas Protal


Here is a list of USSD codes required for Slt-Mobitel postpaid subscribers

#1456#Self Care Billing Information Portal
#557#Loyalty Self care
#556#Club Points Self Care Portal
#138#Mobitel Store Locator
#151#View Cash Bonanza winning chances
#132#Registration Information
#171#Registration Portal

SLT-MOBITEL Postpaid SMS/Dial Codes

Contact numbers required for Slt-Mobitel postpaid subscribers.

1456 Self Care Billing Information Portal 


Activate – Type MCA Send 7676

Deactivate – Type MCA DCT Send 7676

Slt-Mobitel is currently working under one a brand, so some code is being updated and some services in the used codes would be removed, however, we will update the data on this page For latest update. Visit their Help Center or the Help Center you have for further assistance. We do not represent any of the companies here. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the services provided here.

With the sltmobitel short codes you can top up, deactivate and deactivate all services. You can also contact the 1717 slt Support Center for their support. Here are some important shortcuts for landline connections. You may be looking for ussd codes that are important for an everyday use of the Internet services. All the codes you need are posted here.

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