How to do avaya call forwarding to cell

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is critical to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Avaya, a leading provider of communication solutions, offers a comprehensive call forwarding feature that empowers businesses to streamline their communication processes. By seamlessly routing incoming calls to designated recipients, Avaya Call Forwarding optimizes productivity, increases accessibility, and provides flexibility for organizations of all sizes. In this article, we will explore the benefits and functionality of Avaya Call Forwarding and discuss how it can improve communication efficiency.

Efficiency through Call Routing

Avaya Call Forwarding allows users to redirect incoming calls to alternative destinations, ensuring that no communication is missed. Whether an employee is on the go, working remotely, or simply not at their desk, calls can be efficiently routed to a designated phone number or extension. This capability eliminates the frustration of missed calls and enables seamless communication flow. By ensuring calls are promptly answered or routed to the appropriate party, organizations can improve customer service and improve overall responsiveness.

Flexibility and mobility

In today’s dynamic work environment, flexibility is key. Avaya Call Forwarding empowers employees to stay connected and accessible even when they are not physically at their desks. With call forwarding, employees can forward calls to their mobile devices and stay connected while they’re on the go. This flexibility boosts productivity and ensures instant connection to critical calls regardless of the employee’s location. By enabling seamless migration between devices, promotes a seamless communication experience for employees and customers.

Personalized call handling

Avaya Call Forwarding offers customizable settings that allow users to define their call handling preferences based on specific scenarios. For example, users can set call forwarding for specific time frames, such as after business hours or during lunch breaks. Moreover, users can prioritize calls by creating forwarding rules based on the caller’s identity, enabling them to receive critical calls from specific clients or important contacts. This level of customization empowers users to manage their communications effectively and ensures that important calls get through quickly while minimizing distractions during non-critical times.

Seamless integration

Avaya integrates seamlessly with other communications features and solutions offered by Avaya. It can be integrated with voicemail systems, allowing users to forward calls directly to their voicemail when needed. Additionally, it can work in conjunction with other Avaya collaboration tools such as instant messaging and attendance, enabling users to efficiently handle calls while having real-time visibility into colleague availability. This integration facilitates streamlined communication and enables users to leverage the full suite of Avaya communication solutions for improved productivity.

How to avaya call forwarding to cell 

On your phone keypad:

  • Choose “Features”, “Forward…”, “Foward Unconditional…”
  • Go to “Fwd Unconditional” and select “On”
  • Go to “Destination” and choose “Edit”
  • Put in your external phone number, including a leading “9”
  • Select “Save” and “Exit”

To check if forwarding is turned on or off, look at the 2nd line of the phone display where your name is listed. There are a couple of letter codes there.

If it includes a “D” then your phone is forwarded.
If it doesn’t include a “D” then forwarding is off.

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Avaya Call Forwarding is a powerful tool that helps organizations optimize their communication processes by ensuring accessibility, flexibility and efficiency. By routing calls to alternate destinations, employees can connect and respond regardless of their physical location. Customizable settings and seamless integration with other Avaya solutions provide additional flexibility and enhance the overall communication experience. Avaya Call Forwarding empowers businesses to deliver superior customer service, improve productivity and streamline their operations. With Avaya Call Forwarding, organizations can take a significant step towards achieving efficient and effective communication in the modern workplace.

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