Swyp UAE Ultimate Guide, Plans & Sim Card

Swyp UAE is an MVNO prepaid SIM operated by Etisalat and launched targeting the 15-29 age group in the UAE. Swyp provides data and voice at a very low price and provides free access to many apps. It offers a number of add-ons to choose from and offers attractive offers.

How To Swyp sim card uae

There is an app for Swyp and you can use Swyp after installing it on your smartphone. The app allows you to manage all the information on your smartphone. You are given the ability to use more than one Swyp Number and choose the number you want. You are also given the ability to browse the internet at a minimum charge of 7 AED with a package of your choice. Here Unlimited facility and if required the facility to turn off Voice calls is also provided.

Swyp improved the internet experience for young internet users. App can Install For Android and IOS

Swyp etisalat plans

App allows you to design a package the way you want. For this, a plan builder has been provided in the app. There you can create the package according to the required minutes and data scale.

500MB 25 AED
2GB100 AED
4GB150 AED
1GB For Instagram & Snapchat25 AED
100 MIN Flexi25 AED
240 Min Flexi50 AED
200 Min Local25 AED
Swyp Roaming Daily 500MB35 AED
Swyp Roaming Daily 1GB + 15 Min60 AED

These packages can be used from UAE. However, beyond these packages, you can create packages to your desired scale.

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Swyp UAE By etisalat

Swyp is an Etisalat owned company and fully utilizes the Etisalat network. Signals for Swyp sims are also used through Etisalat.


How to Rechage Swyp Sim

You can recharge through the App or at an Etisalat service center.

How to Activate Swyp Sim

Before buying a SIM card you need to register in the app and after registration it will be delivered to you. Or you can get this SIM card from any Etisalat service center.

How to Know My Swyp Number

You can select a number when you get the SIM card. Also the number appears in the app.

How to Check Code Swyp Packeges

11231# / 11234# You can use these codes to redeem your SIM card details.


Etisalat’s United Arab Emirates Swyp network represents a new generation prepaid network that Etisalat has launched to compete with Virgin Mobile. It targets the needs of the youth and you can choose a SIM according to your needs.

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