Lanka bell is preparing to Shutdown its operations.

Lanka bell is currently in the process of suspending its Bell4G services and is currently working to remove 4G coverage in many areas. They are currently informing customers about it. Accordingly, the Bell4G network will be completely removed in the next few weeks.

From 2016, Lanka bell introduced a new 4G coverage instead of CDMA coverage and fixed broadband connections to prepaid and postpaid customers. Given. By 2300Mhz they have maintained close to 2 million fixed connections for a long time. But in the last few years, the company fell into disrepair and they had to face business setbacks in front of their competitors.

Why did Lankabell fail?

In the past few years, Sri Lanka has undergone various technological changes and many technologies have been evaluated rapidly. Lanka bell started as a Fixel CDMA provider and with time the use of CDMA became limited instead of GSM Mobile use accelerated and CDMA Sunset. Lanka bell did not have a suitable background when Mobile GSM demand increased. By 2016, Lanka bell launched 4G LTE and they converted the CDMA network to 4G and FDD did not have the same coverage as CDMA. There are no new coverage improvements or new network updates for it.

Thus, even though they were serving nearly 1 million customers and Enterprise customers for some time, competitors like Dialog and Slt developed their coverage and services more than them and they were not able to face the competition. They were shrinking the network day by day and now they are working to stop operations completely.

What will happen to Lanka bell customers now?

Currently, Lanka bell customers are given the opportunity to merge to SLTMobitel HBB services for free. You can get an equivalent Sltmobitel router instead of Lanka bell router by visiting Slt teleshop.

Lanka bell has been struggling with the future of the company for years. However, the license issued to them by TRCSL is valid till 2026.

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