Hutch Data and Credit Share Code

All customers from Hutch have been given the facility to share Credit and Data with their relatives who use Hutch in case of need. This service can be used by all 072/078 customers and Gift Share is provided on Hutch network including 078/072 phone numbers.

Hutch Credit Share

For this purpose, all customers’ connections can be used from the date of confirmation and the government’s additional taxes are included in credit and data sharing.

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You can easily transfer credit to your friends by dialing *121# or using the Hutch Selfcare application and by dialing *933# you can easily transfer data for all Hutch numbers.

Credit exchange is only relevant for pre-payments and data exchange can be done for post-payments as well. 1500.00 LKR can be exchanged per day. Data Share Only Avilable For 078 Users.

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