How to Recharge or Pay Bill your Airtel Sim Online

In the face of innovation, Mobile Sim companies are always trying to bring their services closer online. instead of researching through resources such as Topup Cards. now Airtel Lanka has also given Protal to its customers to recharge online.

Recharge Your Account Via Airtel app

Now everyone can download the Airtel app on their mobile phones and go to Packages in the navigation and click Reload. Then you can easily recharge for any Airtel number and you can recharge with Debit/Credit or any other card as well as Online Banking application.

This image shows how to do it for your ease of identification. In this way you can easily recharge your mobile phone.

Recharge Sim Via Website

If you are not using the Airtel App, you can visit the Airtel Website. You can easily recharge by accessing the Airtel Recharge Portal. You can enter your Airtel number in the phone number input unit and you can enter the required amount in the one below. If you want to confirm a package, type the price of the package. If you want package 888 you type 888. Then click Pay and select the Protal you can pay with. You can easily make these payments through Debit/Credit Card or Online Banking.

After the payment is successful, you will receive the reload with a reference number. If you have any problem you can contact Airtel customer care support on that number.


You can easily do prepaid research or postpaid bill and package activation through this method and it will reduce your time. Airtel offers a simpler interface than Airtel’s partner company Dialog and it is easy to use other services including the Airtel app.

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