How To Activate Call forwarding dialog ( Call Divert )

Dialog customers are now given the option to use Call and SMS Divert or Forwarding service. This allows you to forward calls and SMS to other fixed or mobile numbers as you wish.

Activate Call forwarding dialog

To forward all calls**21(other number)# and SEND/OK
For example: *21*077123456# SEND
Divert When Busy**67*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Divert When Unanswered
(about 30 seconds)
**61*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Divert When Unreachable
(off or out of coverage)
**62*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Deactivate ##002# and SEND/OK
See if the redirection works*#CODE# and SEND/OK
SMS ForwardType DIV [Number to divert message] and SMS to 9010 do.

For example to forward to 0777654321:
DIV 0777654321
Send Go to 9010.
Turn off DIV PREFIX ON / DIV PREFIX OFF Sent to 9010

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This service is free between two Dialog numbers and a fee is charged to your Dialog phone when diverting between another Local network. This service will be important when you are out of coverage area or for other needs.

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