Dialog 100GB Package, Activation Guide and Review

As the Internet grows day by day, its needs increase and the need for data increases day by day. To watch videos, social networks, beyond Work From Home, we surf the Internet in a big way. Also advanced technologies like 5G are joining us. All these functions cost about 100GB per month per person. Recognizing this need, Dialog has now provided 100GB packages to its mobile users.

Why you need Dialog 100GB Package

If you are frustrated with the limited speed or website restrictions offered by Combo packages, you may want to look for a package that allows you to surf the Internet as freely as possible. You are limited to 100GB per month and you can access the Internet at will, following the maximum speed limits available on the network. This package provides 100GB Anytime Data for 30 days and you can use it without any limit.

How to Activate Dialog 100GB Package

This package is Rs.3075.00 and you need to have sufficient amount in your sim to Subscribe this package. You can Activate this package through Mydialog App, My Dialog Web or #678# (INT2995 and SMS to 678.) . Or you can Activate this package by visiting Self activation and click on the button provided by us.

Making the Most of the Dialog 100GB Package

Anytime Data package owned by Dialog and is valid for prepaid customers. Automatic renewal takes place within 30 days. This package is not valid for roaming. The terms and conditions of this package can Acsess Dialog website.

Usage Monitor

The usage and expiry dates of this package can known from Mydialog or by sending MYUSE and SMS to 678.


Nowadays, Dialog is realizing that the data requirement of users has increased and it is a matter of making them pay attention to provide Anytime packages instead of Combo. Cheap packages have been Avilable on Dialog and you can choose a package according to your needs. This package helps you to experience the real fast internet experience of Dialog.

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