Unlocking the Secrets: Unveiling Hidden iPhone USSD Codes

List of USSD secret codes codes for iphone. Similarly, USSD codes are used for Android and a limited amount of MMI codes are used for Apple. MMI codes can easily perform many hidden functions on the iphone.

What is the secret code to unlock iphone

It depends on the iPhone model and the country of release and we will recommend some specific recommendations for that.

  1. Use iCloud: If you have enabled the “Find My iPhone” feature and linked your iPhone to your iCloud account, you can remotely erase the device and set it up as new.
  2. Use iTunes: If you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes on a trusted computer, you can connect it to that computer and use iTunes to restore the device to its factory settings.
  3. Contact Apple Support: If the above options don’t work, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support directly. They can provide guidance and assistance in unlocking your iPhone.

Check for spyware

No specific code has been introduced to detect Spywear on iPhones. However, you can follow these instructions.

  1. Update your iPhone: Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. Apple regularly releases updates that include security patches and bug fixes, which can help protect against spyware.
  2. Install apps from trusted sources: Stick to downloading apps from the official App Store, as Apple reviews apps before making them available. Avoid installing apps from unknown or untrusted sources, as they may contain spyware or malicious software.
  3. Review app permissions: Regularly check the permissions granted to installed apps. Go to “Settings” > “Privacy” and review the access each app has to your device’s features, such as camera, microphone, location, etc. Disable permissions that seem unnecessary or suspicious.
  4. Check for unusual behavior: Be vigilant for any unusual behavior on your iPhone, such as unexpected battery drain, overheating, slow performance, or unfamiliar apps appearing on your home screen. These could be potential signs of spyware.
  5. Reset your device: If you suspect spyware on your iPhone, you can consider restoring it to factory settings. This will erase all data and settings on your device, including any potential spyware. Make sure to back up your important data before performing a reset.
  6. Use security apps: There are various security apps available in the App Store that can help detect and remove spyware. Research and choose a reputable security app that suits your needs.

Code for signal strength


This code will identify your phone’s network and help improve your signal quality. After dialing this code select LTE in the menu that appears.

Text messages


With this code you can check the status of the SMS center.

Displays the IMEI


With this unique number, you can register the IMEI number of currently released iPhones.

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Hide your caller ID for outgoing calls

*31#mobile number

This code will help to hide the Caller ID. This will hide your caller ID and make your calls more private.

All iphone Secret ussd codes List

Secret codeFunction
*3001#12345#*Field Test mode
*#5005*7672#Check the SMS center
*#43#Call waiting
#43#Disable call waiting 
*33*PIN#Enable the call barring
#33*PIN#Disable the call barring
*#33#Check the call barring status
*21mobilenumber#Activate call diverting 
*#21#Check call forwarding
*21#Enable and disable call forwarding
*#30#Activate and disable call line presentation
*#06#Display the IMEI number
*82+mobile numbershow your number on caller ID
*5005*25371# check the alert system
*5005*25370#disable the alert system
*3370# improve the voice or audio quality

Download PDF, to scan iphone codes

all iphone secret codes and ussd codes.You can download the PDF below.

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