singtel sim only plan vs gomo

Singtel and Gomo are two popular Simonly plans in Singapore. Both are designed for different needs. There are several differences between these two packages.

Singtel SIM Only plan

Singtel is the most popular Simonly package in Singapore and it offers unlimited calls and sms with various data plans ranging from 10GB to 100GB. In addition, many plans such as roaming dataroll over are provided.

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GOMO SIM Only plan

Gomo is a subsidiary of Singtel which provides affordable data plans to customers. It’s not as fast as Singtel and doesn’t offer add-on solutions. Data plans from 10GB and above are also provided here.

Which is the better deal?

Which one is best depends on your needs. If you need a large amount of data and a wide range of add-ons and postpaid plans, you can use Singtel, and if you are looking for a plan with limited features at an affordable price, you can use Gomo.

FeatureSingtel SIM Only planGOMO SIM Only plan
Data10 GB to 100GB10 GB to 100GB
PriceStarts at $20/monthStarts at $10/month

You can compare these plans according to your requirement and choose the package plan you need.

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