Lanka Bell 4G APN Settings

Lanka Bell 4G is one of the oldest landline service providers in Sri Lanka. They have an internet landing system and they are an island wide internet service provider. Bell Broadband now offers only 4G services and we look forward to expanding their services in the future. Lanka Bell now operates Residential and Business services and offers 4G coverage island wide. Bell4G’s internet speeds are good in the city and a bit slow outside the city. But no problem. Weaknesses will be minimized in the future. You can get a Bell4G connection from your nearest Lanka Bell agent. Below are some of the APN settings required for Bell4G.

Bell4G APN settings may be important to some people, even if they do not have Mobile Broadband services. Therefore, we generally present the APN settings, including details about the MNC codes available to Lanka Bell.

Lanka Bell 4G APN Settings For Any Device

These services can be used for Bell 4G internet SIMs and other types of devices. Bell 4G services are provided under LTE 1800 under 413-04 and 413-13. + 94xx0 and + 94xx5 identify the identities of Lanka Bell services.

Go To Device Network Settings And ADD New APN

MMS Proxy
MMS Port
MCC 413
MNC 04
Authentication type
APN ProtocolIPv4/ IPv6
APN roamin ProtocolIPv4

Lanka Bell Dial Codes

Details of some codes required by Lanka Bell service users and phone calls required for customer service assistance.

  • Hot Line – 1575
  • Top Up – 1575
  • VAS – 1575
  • IDD – 1575
  • Bell FAX – 1575
  • Bell4G -1575
  • PostPay – 1575
  • Prepaid – 1575
  • Voice – 1575

These are Bell4G’s Sri Lankan settings and after setting the APN settings, restart the device in a covered area. You can then use the APN settings. See our website for details on the correct APN settings for other companies.

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