Top 5 Sri Lankan Sinhala Tech News Websites Read Sinhala Technews Form USA

The other day we saw that there are a large number of people reading Sinhala Tech News in the USA. Really happy that many people are interested in sinhala blogging. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in websites providing Sinhala technical news. Currently, many competing websites are working to provide technical news very quickly. We have brought the details of some of the best Sinhala technology websites.

1.Android වැඩකාරයෝ

Sinhala Tech News

An award winning website in Sri Lanka. Brings you up-to-date technology news and IT related articles. It is also a great place to learn simple lessons in Sinhala. They have a staff that is skilled at providing a wide range of information.

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3.Tech Room

techroom Sinhala Tech News

another popular website based on Teaching the Internet and providing technical news is one of the most popular commercial websites that are updated daily. It has also been a substitute for 1 and 2 above. Sinhala Tech News

Another award winning as well as commercial level website. Based on a computer and a video game, they simply publish reviews about what’s new between the articles. They have become hugely popular on YouTube.

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roar media Sinhala Tech News

Roar is another service powered by Dialog. Providing technical articles is not their first task. But technical articles can also be read through this and it is available in several languages

Final Words About Sinhala Tech News Protals

Sinhala news websites often translate news from websites like Thevarge into Sinhala. But they provide information through various information sources and report technical news very quickly and accurately. So you will find it interesting to read the articles on these websites.

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