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Sinhala Unicode Converter / sinhala font converter Tool has the ability to instantly translate any character in Sinhala to FM Font Scheme. This allows you to type Sinhala correctly in any type of software, including Adobe. It supports all types of FM fonts and comes with a clean interface. This website does not collect user data in any way, respecting the privacy of all users.

This app also has the ability to type an unlimited number of words. Any user can use this Sinhala Unicode Translator for unlimited free of charge on any device. This site easily supports any web browser including Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari from Linux, Windows, Android, IOS or any other device. You can also see the English translation of Singlish characters and the related scheme on this website.

Unicode To FM Converter is designed for anyone to use. This tool is designed to give the user an easy experience and respect for the privacy of the user data. Type the relevant Sinhala word in the Unicode box. You can use any application like Helakuru, Wijesekara Keyboard, Dream Sinhala Keyboard, Google Translator The FM font version of the words you type will appear in the font box below. Click on Copy and paste it into the software you are working on. Then select your FM font.

Unicode To FM Converter Requirements

Using this converter, it is possible to type Sinhala correctly in software like Adobe Photoshop using any FM Sinhala font. Unicode Converter can be used for any type of fonts like FM Derana, Unicode to FMAbaya, FM Malithi, FM Gamunu that are required on a daily basis.

This app can be used by any app that has access to the internet and is a full Realtime app. It can be run offline and the number of characters that can be typed is unlimited. It operates in realtime, even without interconnection.

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This website also has the ability to translate FM characters back to Sinhala unicode. Instant translator for all types of Sinhala unicode features.