Several of the most read Sri Lankan News Websites are updated daily. We have recently conducted several surveys to identify the news services that provide the most reliable and accurate news services. Accordingly, we were able to know the most accurate and reliable news service.

Sri Lankan News Websites


#Alexa Rank – 11 LK

Hirunews Homepage

Asia Broadcasting Corporation, one of the leading media houses in the country, maintains the Hirunews website and news service. They have faster, more accurate and clearer news coverage.


#Alexa Rank – 17 LK

Ada derana Homepage

adaderana is another trusted news brand in Sri Lanka. Daily local and foreign news updates are brought to the public in Sinhala and English languages.


#Alexa Rank – 26 LK

Lankadeepa Home

Lankadeepa News is another trusted newspaper in Sri Lanka. lankadeepa is the oldest news service and by far the most popular news service in Sri Lanka. Lakehouse owns this newspaper

4.Neth News

#Alexa Rank – 53 LK

Neth News Homepage

Neth News is a news service owned by NethFM, Sri Lanka’s most popular radio station. NethNews is able to provide clear news in Sinhala. They also have the ability to present each story independently. That is to be applauded.


#Alexa Rank – 57 LK

Mawbima Homepage

Mawbima is a news website owned by Mawbima, a leading newspaper in Sri Lanka. They are a trusted news brand in the country that presents news in several languages.

The purpose of bringing this article is to help you find out what the most reliable media in Sri Lanka is. In today’s world of automation can be a daunting task. But people should use reliable media websites.

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