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Sinhala Online Typing allows you to type in Sinhala easily and supports free unlimited Sinhala genre. This can be written in one language in the top box (as in SMS) and can be found in the box below. You can copy it below or paste it on Facebook, Twitter or any other place by pressing Ctrl + D in your computer name. This is called the phonetic method and the Schema is shown below


vowels. අ - a ආ - aa ඇ - A ඈ - Aa ae ඉ - i ඊ - ee ie එ - e ඒ - ea ei ඔ - o ඕ - oe උ - u ඌ - uu oo 

ක - ka ඛ - kha ග - ga ඝ - gha G ච - cha ඡ - Cha ජ - ja ට - ta ඨ - Ta ඩ - da ඪ - Da ත - tha ථ - Tha ද - dha ධ - Dha න - na ණ - Na බ - ba ම - ma ය - ya ර - ra ල - la ව - wa va ස - sa හ - ha ළ - La භ - bha ඹ - Ba ශ - sha ෂ - Sha ෆ - fa 
ඥ - GNa ඤ - KNa ඣ - q ළු - Lu ළූ - Luu අං - a\n අඃ - a\h ඬ - \N ඍ - \R ඬ - nnda ඳ - nndha ඟ - nnga

ක් - k ක - ka කා - kaa කැ - kA කෑ - kAa කි - ki කී - kie කු - ku කූ - kuu කෙ - ke කේ - kei කො - ko කෝ - koe කෞ - kau ක්‍ර - kra ක්‍රා - kraa ක්‍රැ - krA ක්‍රෑ - krAa ක්‍රි - kri ක්‍රී - krie කෘ - kru කෲ - kruu ක්‍රෙ - kre ක්‍රේ - krei ක්‍රො - kro ක්‍රෝ - kroe ර්‍ක - \rka ක්‍ය - kYa කෛ - kI

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This is done by avoiding traditional phonetic errors and is very easy to Sinhala Online Typing. english to sinhala typing online It makes typing Sinhala easier on PC and phone and even easier to write in Sinhala on Google. If you have any problems typing Sinhala in your Photoshop and Word, use our Unicode To FM service. Type In Sinhala does not need to be installed on modern operating systems (Windows 7,8.1,10 and 11) and works easily on Linux or Mac. You need a modern web browser for this and you can use a modern web browser like Chrome, Firfox, Edge and Safari.

Sinhala Online Typing

Type Sinhala never stores any information typed by the user and gives the user a very good privacy with a quality experience. You can access our User Policies for more information. You can report any issues or problems here through our Contact page and we thank you for using Type in Sinhala Online feature.