Singapore FM Radio Frequency List

List of FM channels you can listen to from Singapore and their frequencies. You can listen to these frequencies within Singapore. Singapore FM Radio Frequency is digital frequency and has RDS. You can easily listen to radio channels on modern devices.

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FMFrequency (MHz)LanguageFormat
ONE FM91.3EnglishClassic hits
883Jia88.3 Chinese adult contemporary
Kiss9292.0EnglishUrban adult contemporary
Symphony 92.4FM92.4EnglishClassical
938LIVE93.8EnglishNews and talk
Class 95FM94.7EnglishTop 40
Capital 95.895.8EnglishChinese pop
Hao FM96.3ChineseMandarin pop
Oli 96896.8MalayMalay pop
Love 97.2FM97.2EnglishAdult contemporary
 97.3FM97.3EnglishTamil pop
98.7FM98.7EnglishChinese pop
Lush 99.5FM99.5EnglishAdult contemporary
 YES 93.3100.3EnglishChinese pop
MONEY FM 89.3101.3EnglishBusiness news and talk
MyFM101.8EnglishMalay pop
Raaga 91.3102.3TamilTamil pop
ERA103.3EnglishChinese pop
ONE FM Gold104.3EnglishOldies
 Red FM105.3EnglishEnglish pop
 XFM 96.3106.3EnglishAlternative rock
BBC 88.9EnglishNews and talk
Ria89.7MalayTop 40

Singapore FM Frequency broadcasts all over the country but your geographical location may cause signal weakness due to weather conditions etc.

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