Rahu Kalaya

මේ අවස්ථාවේ රාහුකාලය නැත. | இந்த நேரத்தில் ராகு நேரம் இல்லை. |There is no Rahu time at this time.

This is automatically updated daily, adjusted according to the time zone in Sri Lanka.

Sunday:4.30AM – 6.00AM4.30PM – 6.00PM
Monday:7.30AM – 9.00AM7.30PM – 9.00PM
Tuesday:3.00AM – 4.30AM3.00PM – 4.30PM
Wednesday:12.00AM –1.30AM12.00PM – 1.30PM
Thursday:01.30AM- 03.30AM01.30AM- 03.30AM
Friday:10.30PM – 12.00PM10.30PM – 12.00PM
Saturday:9.00AM – 10.30AM 9.00AM – 10.30AM
These periods are valid for Sri Lanka only. (GMT +5.30)

What’s Rahu Kalaya ?

In general usage, the Rahu Kalaya today or the daily Rahu Kalaya of the week is the time when the evil rays of the universe unite. When the earth and the moon on which we live also revolve around the sun, according to astrology, there is a time when the sun’s rays are somewhat pointed and one place is conical and the other side is Rahu. The book of Astrology records that during this period, which lasts for approximately 90 minutes, we receive bad rays. The sages have also said that the work done during the time of Rahu is not successful because of those bad rays.

Rahu Kalaya

If you work during that time, there is a greater chance of problems, problems, obstacles, blockages and even accidents. The astrologers have also said that since the negative rays in the universe are concentrated in the time belonging to the Rahu period, nothing good should be done during that time. In some cases, due to the influence of the horoscope’s planetary combinations, a task done during that time may be successful, but overall the tendency is to try to do an important good deed during that time, which can lead to obstacles, hindrances or accidents.

Today Rahu Kalaya

For those in the +5.30 GMT time zone on our website, you can know the exact Rahu Kalaya.The people of the southern part of Sri Lanka and India believe that the Rahu time, the bad time, the bad time is the best time of the day to start any work. Rahu time is one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

The ancient astrologers were of the opinion that success could be achieved by skipping that time and starting new things.