Dialog 198 Any Net 250Min Voice Plan Review

Dialog 198 is the latest call package that has been launched instead of Dialog 169 package and this will provide Any net 250 Min call time and 250 SMS for Dialog customers. This plan includes calls to any network (including the Dialog network). Therefore, if a customer has activated another voice plan with D2D minutes then that plan’s D2D minutes will be utilized first when making D2D calls. Only upon the expiration of those D2D minutes will the talk time minutes from the 198 Any net plan be utilized when making D2D calls.

Why you need Dialog 198

This package fulfills the need of monthly phone calls and SMS at a low cost and the package can be activated several times a month so you can enjoy it whenever you need.

How To Activate Dialog Mini Voice Pack්්age

Activate by simply reloading, using the MyDialog App or by dialing #678# on your Prepaid mobile connection. MyDialog or Dialog.lk gives you the ability to monitor your call usage and all services.


This package is more profitable than other packages offered by Anynet 200 Min. Unlimited Calls are provided with every combo package provided by Dialog and if you are using an 909 package, you do not need this package. Dialog provides a HD calling solution to its over 17 million customers.

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