Internet Speed Meter

About Internet Speed Meter

With the Internet Speed Meter Tool you can accurately measure the internet speed of Dialog, SLT-Mobitel, Hutch, Airtel and Bell4G. For this we use a global CDN network and the speed is accurately indicated by the nearest CDN server to your location. This page will help you to know who has the best internet speed in Sri Lanka. Take a look at our internet settings and you can set it up correctly. Sri Lankan internet companies that are now turning to 5G are always using 4G connections to provide quality internet service to their customers. Internet companies, which are currently moving away from 3G, are tightening their grip on 4G. Check out the data provided by TRCSL below to find out what the current internet speeds are. We got it from the TRCSL website. Devices like OOkla are often loyal to some Internet companies. They are also clients of internet companies that often help to measure speed. That speed is unbelievable. Sri Lanka Speed ​​Test device we provide is lightweight. It will load quickly and show your gross internet speed. Website does not collect your data. The Sri Lanka Speed ​​Test is usually aimed at measuring the speed of Colombo.

Our Speed Test tool is refreshed every minute. We also do not add any log files.