Hutch Unlimited Data Packages

Today we know all about Hutch Unlimited Data Packages offered by Hutch Sri Lanka. We tested these packages for several days and experienced both good and bad conditions. Hutch now offers a wide range of packages under different conditions. Let’s find out today.

Cliq Hutch Unlimited Data Packages

Among the unlimited packages offered by Hutch, the most advantageous package is the packages offered by the Cliq App. They are Time Based and have limited speeds. There are unlimited packages ranging from 1 hour to 30 days.

As you can see here the speed of the 1245.00 30 day packages is limited to 20Mbp/s. And so on from the others. As the package time decreases, so does its speed.There are also separate packages for 3G and 4G. So we have to be careful about that when getting packages. However Hutch coverage is now available 4G or 3G islandwide.

Hutch Unlimited Data Packages
The speed I got for the Hutch 30 day package. However this will vary depending on where you are.

This package will work smoothly until the last day. Responds well with Youtube.If you are looking for an affordable Unlimited Mobile Boradband, there is no solution other than these packages.


  • The lowest price in the market
  • Works well with hostpot too.
  • Receiving multiple packages from 1 hour to 30 days.
  • Separate packages for 3G.


  • 20Mbps Limited Speed For 4G
  • The speed also decreases as the package expires.

You need to download the Hutch Cliq App to your phone to activate these packages. See our Free Data article for more information.

Hutch Unlimited Downloader

Hutch Unlimited Downloader is an overnight package that offers you unlimited downloads from 00.00 AM to 7.00 AM without any restrictions.

Facebook,Messenger,Whatsapp + Youtube (30 Days)Rs.271.00 *131# Or Use Hutch App
Unlimited TikTok (7 Days)Rs.67.00 *131# Or Use Hutch App
Non- Stop Youtube 9 (30 Days)Rs.147.00 *131# Or Use Hutch App
Facebook,Messenger,Whatsapp (30 Days) Rs.124.00*131# Or Use Hutch App

Time Based Data Packeges

In addition to the Cliq packages offered by Hutch, there are several other Unlimited packages that are valid for short periods of time, ranging from one hour to one day. These are similar to Cliq packages and can be activated through the Hutch App or by dialing * 131 #.

Here’s our independent opinion about Hutch Unlimited Data Packages and we are not a promotion or part of them. We do the best we can for our readers and write about other companies’ unlimited packages on our website. Comment on Hutch Unlimited Packages.

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