How To Activate, Deactivate Hiru News Alerts

How To Activate, Deactivate Hiru News Alerts, Hiru News Alerts is another Hiru News service owned by Asia Broadcasting Corporation. Hiru news covers you on TV, radio, internet and SMS and Hiru News Alerts Passengers give you the ability to get breaking news quickly and quickly. Through this web page you can learn about Hiru News Alerts Activate and Deactivate and other related service details. Hiru News Alerts is now available in three languages. It is very simple and you can get it as shown below. You can find as many guides as you can on the internet to activate the Hiru news service, but it will be difficult for you to find out how to deactivate Hiru news, so we have provided guidelines for that as well. If you need further assistance, please contact SLT, Dialog, Hutch, Airtel Support Services.

Activate Hiru News Alerts

DialogEnglishType HIRU and send to 678
SinhalaType HIRU and send to 678
SinglishType HIRU and send to 678
TamilType Sooriyan and send to 4477
SltmobitelEnglishType REG (space) GN and send to 2299
TamilType REG (space) SN and send to 2299
SinhaleseType REG (space) HN and send to 2299
HutchEnglishType HIRU (space) REG and send to 7878
SinglishType HIRU (space) REG (space) SE and send to 7878
AirtelSinhalaSMS ACT HN to 7544
TamilSMS ACT SN to 7544
EnglishSMS ACT GN to 7544

These services are currently available for you to activate from local phone service providers. Service charges will be levied on your account funds and services will be terminated when your account is exhausted. Activate it according to your favorite language.

Deactivate Hiru News Alerts

DialogEnglishType OFF[space] HIRU and send to 678
SinhalaType OFF[space] HIRU and send to 678
SinglishType OFF[space] HIRU and send to 678
TamilOFF[space] Sooriyan and send to 678
SltmobitelEnglishType DREG (space) GN and send to 2299
TamilType DREG (space) SN and send to 2299
SinhaleseType DREG (space) HN and send to 2299
HutchEnglishType HIRU REG DA Send 7878
SinglishType HIRU REG DA Send 7878
AirtelEnglishSMS DEACT GN to 7544
TamilSMS DEACT SN to 7544
SinhalaSMS DEACT HN to 7544

If you want to stop this service, try the following method. After successfully removing the service you will receive an SMS and the service will be removed within a few days.

About Hiru News

Hiru News is an award winning news service in Sri Lanka. Hiru News is hosted by ABC Media Network, which owns Hiru TV, Hiru FM, Shaa FM, Sun FM, Gold FM and Sooriyan FM. They have an island wide coverage and are owned by Hiru News, Sri Lanka’s most popular news website. They provide the fastest true news service 24 hours a day.

Hiru SMS Cost

LKR 30 + Tax (Monthly) / LKR 1 + TAX (Day) For All Local Mobile Networks.

We have published information about this service on all the networks we have tested and we are not responsible for this information and these codes will change from time to time. Contact your phone service provider if you have any problems. Browse our website to learn about other USSD codes or other News Alerts services you may need.

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