Dialog zoom package, details, Activation Guide & Review

Dialog zoom package, With the advancement of technology, it has become a new trend for many people to use Zoom for their conferences, lectures, etc. After the covid pandemic, people are mostly adopting online shopping and this has become the best way to reduce costs. Dialog has spent its network for Zoom for the past time and invested more in its Mobile and HBB by introducing several packages for Zoom.

Why You Need Dialog’s Zoom Package

If you use Zoom packages for distance education or other duties on a daily basis. If using Office 365, Microsoft Teams with Zoom. This package will very helpful for your Dialog prepaid or postpaid. You also get the ability to use this package for 30 days.

218 Video Conferencing25 GB Office 365, Microsoft Teams and ZoomRs.224.00
706 Video ConferencingUnlimitedOffice 365, Microsoft Teams and ZoomRs.724.00

How To Activate Dialog zoom package For Prepaid

If you are a prepaid customer, you can easily confirm this package by reloading or through the MyDialog app and dialing #678#. Instead of those remedies, these two packages can be confirmed quickly by self activation.

By clicking this button you can Activate the package successfully. You must have sufficient funds in your account to Buy these packages. These packages are not automatically renewed for prepaid customers.

How To Activate zoom package For Postpaid

Postpaid customers can secure this package through MyDialog and if required. Both these packages can be subscribed by self activation.

As this is an auto-renewing package, follow the same procedure again to deactivate after Activation. Or you can deactivate this package through Dialog customer service support or MyDialog. Package charges will be added to the bill.

Making the Most of the Zoom Package

This package is provided for Mobile but you can also use it for Hostpot if you want. This package supports Ms teams, Office 365 in addition to Zoom. You can use Dialog Work and Learn packages for many other Service with Zoom. These packages are valid for 30 days after Activation.


This package is only suitable for a single mobile user and if you want to use it for multiple devices, a similar package is provided for Dialog Home WIFI. Dialog is a fast network and improves the Zoom experience with every package.

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