Dialog 336 youtube unlimited package, Activation Guide And Review

YouTube is currently the most used video viewing platform in the world. It is growing rapidly. YouTube is a very popular website in Sri Lanka. It has a large audience and a large number of people visit YouTube daily. Dialog has more than 17 million users and as a company that pays constant attention to the needs of users, they are introducing a separate package for YouTube. This package allows users to forget the data barrier and continue enjoying their YouTube entertainment.

Why You Need Dialog 336 youtube unlimited

You know that watching a YouTube video consumes a significant amount of data. So when you use YouTube on a daily basis, you consume a large amount of data. If you look at this amount of data in terms of money, it can be a big price. So if you buy this package, you don’t need to think about the amount of data consumed while watching YouTube videos. So you can watch Unlimited Youtube. You will also get 2GB additional data for Rs.336.00.

How To Activate Dialog 336 youtube unlimited package

This package is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers. You can also Activate this package by accessing 4G Video Blaster in Reload and Mydialog app and dialing #678#. You can easily Activate these packages using the Selfcare link provided by us.

You need a minimum account balance to Activate this package. So you can reload.

Making the Most of the Dialog youtube unlimited package

4G Video Blaster is a package available at a price of Rs.336.00 for 30 days and this package offers unique benefits to users with certain conditions.

  • You can watch any video in 360p with SD quality.
  • This package is valid for prepaid and postpaid Dialog Mobile users.
  • You get an additional 1.4GB data from this package.
  • Speed may vary depending on network conditions.
  • Any other package can be used with this package.

This package can be deactivated when necessary. If you are a postpaid customer, this will automatically renew after activation.


This package is the best quality package for a Dialog customer who only needs Unlimited Youtube. However, if you want to watch HD video, you can use a Dialog Unlimited package. While testing this package, we found that this package can be used smoothly with minimal buffering. If you want to use all social networks, you can use Dialog’s Unlimited Blaster package for that.

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