How To Activate, Deactivate Ada Derana News Alerts

Adaderana is another news  brand whole in Sri Lanka. Activate or Deactivate Ada Derana News Alerts. They use spread of suggests to bring credible news to all or any, as well as Tv, radio, websites, S Media and text messages. In a fact, they report news to you quickly in 3 languages. I actually have toughened it. it’s clean. Simple. a way to use adaderana SMS that somebody can wants. A way to modifies or disables it. You’ll be able to use it for ten days freed from a charge. Activate Or Deactivate Derana News Alerts Websites of Mobile Service suppliers in a state and their helplines also are given below, thence if you would like to activate or deactivate please contact Dialog, Slt-Mobitel, Airtel, Hutch or Etisalat. Registering an associate in adaderana transportable sms alert is simple however it’s troublesome to de-register, deactivate or stop mobile SMS alerts , as data don’t seem to be provided in some transportable suppliers.

Activate Ada Derana News Alerts

After activating this service, the service will be provided free of a charge for 10 days, and then once month the relevant fee for the service will be charged from your account. If you do not have money in your account the messaging service will stop and you will get the service again as soon as you recharge. Choose the language that is convenient for you. The fee is the same for all languages.

DialogEnglishType DERANA and send to 678
SinhalaType DERANA and send to 7272
SinglishType PUWATH and send to 678
TamilType NEWS2 and send to 678
SltmobitelEnglishType REG (space) AD and send to 2299
SinhaleseType REG (space) ADS and send to 2299
HutchEnglishType DERANA (space) REG and send to 7878
SinglishType DERANA (space) REG (space) SE and send to 7878
AirtelSinhala Type ACT ANS and send to 7544
EnglishSMS ACT ANE to 7544

Deactivate Ada Derana News Alerts

You can stop this service as shown below, but you may also receive text message when you have successfully stopped the service, but it may take while for you to successfully exit the service.

DialogEnglishType OFF DERANA and send to 678
SinhalaType  OFF DERANA and send to 7272
SinglishType OFF PUWATH and send to 678
TamilType OFF NEWS2 and send to 678
SltmobitelEnglishType DREG (space) AD and send to 2299
SinhaleseType DREG (space) ADS and send to 2299
Hutch 078EnglishType Derana REG DA Send 7878
SinglishType Derana REG DA Send 7878
Hutch 072EnglishType STOP AD to 2233
SinglishType STOP ADS to 2233
AirtelEnglishType DEACT ANE  Send 7544
SinhalaType  DEACT ANS Send 7544
BreakingType DEACT AD to 7544

About Ada derana

Ada derana is an award-winning news brand in Sri Lanka. Ada Derana is the brand for newscasts on the Derana network in Sri Lanka TV Derana, FM Derana , Adaderana24 popular television and radio station, broadcasts news. It provides news coverage to the masses through radio, television, the Internet and a text messaging. Their SMS service provides an important news briefly. These services are available with all telephone companies in Sri Lanka. adaderna supports Sinhala and English languages and provides breaking news fast and accurate. ada derna Supports local News as well as international news.

Ada derana SMS Cost

LKR 30 +Tax ( Monthly) / LKR 2 + TAX (Day) For All Local Mobile Networks.

We have checked, and submitted all these codes and will update the incoming data. If any changes are made to the Services. Or visit the help desks of the relevant company. Activate, Deactivate derana News alert Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch, Airtel , unsubscribe a deactivation of Ada derana News service . See our website for details on other news services Or Ussd Codes For Any Mobile Service in Sri Lanka.

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