How To Register And Create National Fuel Pass

National Fuel Pass is the latest fuel distribution project launched by the Government of Sri Lanka. With this, the people have the ability to get fuel easily and quickly without standing in queues. The government is now making this compulsory. Let’s see how to register easily and correctly on this website.

Guidance issued by Govt.
Guidance issued by Govt.

Create New National Fuel Pass For Your Vehicle

Use your ID card or driver’s license for this.

Go To : National Fuel Pass This Link

How To Register And Create National Fuel Pass

Now fill your details correctly as shown in the image above. After entering your phone number, an OTP number will be sent otp to your phone via SMS. Enter that number in the OTP box. Then enter your first and last name and address. Now press Next.

sri lanka Fuel Pass

Now enter your vehicle number and enter the vehicle type in the second box (EG: Bike) and then enter the chassis number of the vehicle in correct capital letters. Then select either Petrol or Diesel for your vehicle. Then agree to the terms. Then press Register after checking all the information.

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Create QR Fuel Pass

Now this QR Code will come. Click Download QR Code here and save your QR Code to your phone. Or print it and stick it on the vehicle as a sticker.

Present it to the dealer when you get the fuel.

How to find out your fuel quota by SMS

When you log in to the website, you will see the amount of quota you need, or you will be able to know it by SMS.Type FUEL BAL Type the vehicle number and send an SMS to 76 6220 000.

EG : FUEL BAL ABC5498 TO 76 6220 000.

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