Master Your Samsung Washer: Essential Codes and Functions Unveiled

Samsung Codes For washer,List of troubleshooting codes and diagnostic codes for your Samsung washing machine. With these codes, the user can identify the error conditions of the codes in his machine and the technicians can troubleshoot and identify the current condition of the machine. This list contains codes related to many models.

Samsung washing machine information and error codes

1EWater level sensor error
2EHigh water level error
3EMotor drive circuit error
4EWater supply error
5EDrain pump error
6ECommunication error between the control board and the motor
7EWater temperature sensor error
8EWater pressure sensor error
9ELow water level error
AC6Communication error between the user interface and the main control board
bEStuck button on the control panel
dEDoor lock error
dcUnbalanced load
E2Motor error
E3Overflow error
E4Drain error
E5Water supply error
E6Overheating error
E7Temperature sensor error
FEOverfill error
HE1Heating element error
HE2Thermistor error
HE3Heater relay error
LE1Motor overload error
LE2Motor error
OEWater overflow error
PEWater sensor error
PFPower failure
SESensor error
TEThermistor error
UEUnbalanced load error
bC1Communication error between the user interface and the main control board
bC2Communication error between the main control board and the motor
E1Water leakage error
E8Motor error
EdDoor open error
FE1Overfill error
HE4Heating element error
IEWater inlet error
LE3Motor error
nd1No drain error
nd2Drain error
PE1Water pressure sensor error
PF1Power failure
PF2Power failure
PF3Power failure
PF4Power failure
SE1Sensor error
tCTemperature sensor error
UFUnbalanced load error
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These Samsung washer codes are the ones used by the Samsung company and these codes will give you an understanding of identifying the errors and fixing them quickly.We have tested this code for many models.

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