Sri Lankan FM Radio Frequency List

More than 50 Sri Lankan FM Radio Frequency List. Most of the channels broadcast in Sinhala, the mother tongue. These radio channels can be listened to. The only website that has list of all radio channels in Sri Lanka. Radio broadcasting in Sri Lanka All Stations Frequency Operated By Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka. Tune a now Island Wide The following is list of radio stations based in Sri Lanka.

Sri lanka radio channels List

sri lanka radio channels List operating in Sri Lanka has shifted their FM radio frequencies with an effect from 2011 November 1, after Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) re-allocated radio frequencies. You can also listen to these Channels Online.

Sri Lankan FM Radio Frequency List

Channellanguagefrequency (FM)
Lite FMEN87.6 / 87.8
Ran FMSI88.1/100.5
Sitha FMSI88.6/88.8
Pearlbay FMSI89.1/89.3
City FMSI89.6/89.8
Wayamba RadioSI90.1
Jaffna SLBCTA90.1
Varnam FMTA90.4/90.6
Shaa FMSI90.9/91.1
Sinhala National ServiceSI91.7/91.4
FM DeranaSI92.2/92.4
Y FMSI92.7
Gold FMEN93.00/93.7
Capital FMTA94.0/103.1
Sinhala Commercial ServiceSI94.3/94.5
Neth FMSI94.8/95.0
Rhytham WorldSI95.6/95.8
Hiru FMSI96.1/96.3
Kiss FMEN96.9
Real RadioEN97.1
Radio Sri LankaEN97.4/97.6
Dabana RadioSI97.6
Kothmale ServiceSI97.6
Siyatha FMSI98.2/98.4
Sun FMEN98.7/98.9
TNL NowEN99.2/101.8
Tamil FMTA99.5/99.7
Shree FMSI100.0/100.2
Yes FMEN100.8/101.0
The BuddhistSI101.3/101.5
Seth FM (Negombo)SI101.8
Tamil National ServiceTA102.1/102.3
Vasantham FMTA102.6/102.8
Sooriyan FMTA103.4/103.6
Shakthi FMTA103.9/104/1
Thendral FMTA104.7/104.9
Rangiri Sri LankaSI105.5/104.4
Lak FMSI106.0/106.2
Sirasa FMSI106.5/106.7
V FMSI107.0
Rajarata ,Kadurata,Uwa ServiceSI107.3
Rhuna ServiceSI107.3/107.5
SLBC SportSI/EN107.3/107.5
Red FMEN107.8

History of Radio in Sri Lanka

Radio broadcasting in Sri Lanka has long history. The first radio station was started using parts of warship destroyed during World War II, and initially required license to listen to the radio. Later radio broadcasting was developed, and radio broadcasts were done by an island wide broadcasters using an analog technology. FM has produced large number of radio stations today in the range of 88 – 108. Radio frequencies are currently regulated by the Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka and are responsible to companies. Listeners can listen to the radio on FM. There are over 50 radio channels in Sri Lanka, most of which are owned by private companies.

sri lanka fm radio frequency

a high power transmission towers have been installed throughout the island as analog transmitters are often used for radio broadcasting. Its main broadcasting Towers is Colombo, Yatiyantota, Jaffna, Gammaduwa and Hanthana. All channels support a rds and are evolving digitally.

Sri Lankan FM Radio Frequency List
Sri Lankan FM Radio Frequency List Range

Listening to Sri Lankan radio channels online

All channels can be easily listened to and radio channels can be listened to through applications such as their websites and Radio Garden.

Sri Lankan radio channels Market

If you look at the radio market, there have been lot of a competition in the past and companies have taken overall the frequencies in the range. One a broadcaster typically maintains about six radio stations. Most of the channels have launched various promotions to retain listeners and Sinhala, Tamil, and English channels are available 24 hours day on commercial scale. Surprisingly, it took long time to starts, but still third of the population listens to the radio every day.

Radio VS Television

Compared to a television and a radio, both groups run on the same model. There is also television channel for every radio station.

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