Covid-19 Vaccination in Sri Lanka

Information on the status of the vaccination program in Sri Lanka and the current status of patients.

Vaccination in Sri Lanka(Status)

Covid-19 Status Sri Lanka

What are the vaccines used for Covid vaccination in Sri Lanka?

5 Vaccines Approved for Use in Sri Lanka
2.Sputnik V

Daily status of covid vaccination program in Sri Lanka.

The daily status of the covidi vaccination program can now be viewed as a PDF on the government’s official website. To do so, visit

How does the government vaccinate Sri Lankan citizens?

The government provides vaccinations according to the age difference and the occupation of the person respectively and the aim of the government is to provide vaccinations to every citizen.

How to find the nearest vaccination center?

Citizens will be informed about the nearest vaccination site through SMS and the media when the vaccination takes place in the affected area.Talk to your local healthcare professional about the vaccine.

How to register for vaccination?

In some areas registration is required through the website and is not required.

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